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Aligning your Travel Risk Management Programme to ISO 31030:2021

With organisations starting to consider returning to travel and how to go about this safely, this new ISO standard, provides vital guidance to protect the workforce.

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WHAT IS ISO 31030:2021?

With organisations starting to consider returning to travel and how to go about this safely, this new ISO standard, provides vital guidance to protect the workforce. The standard, ISO 31030:2021, provides a structured approach to the development, implementation, evaluation and review of a travel risk management policy and programme, as well as an assessment and treatment of travel risks. 


Why it Matters? 

By promoting a culture where travel-related risk is taken seriously, resourced adequately, and managed effectively, the standard aims to garner recognised and realised benefits such as:

  • Contributing to business continuity capability and organisational resilience
  • Improve worker confidence in travel-related health, safety and security arrangements
  • Enabling business in high risk locations
  • Enhancing an organisation’s reputation and credibility – leading to a positive effect on competitiveness, staff turnover and talent acquisition
  • Reducing legal and financial exposure
  • Increasing general productivity
  • Contributing to meeting the sustainable development goals by strengthening the social dimension of sustainability

For over 35 years, International SOS has been at the forefront of supporting organisations' travel risk management plans. To help you understand the core components of ISO 31030, we will assess the risks impacting your workforce and guide you to integrating them into your existing plans to ensure compliance.

Our integrated solution offering - A layered approach

  • 1 - Do we need to worry about Travel Risk Management?

    Maturity Assessment - Risk Assessment and gap analysis conducted to give you the opportunity to understand whether Travel Risk Management is an issue you need to address.
  • 2 - Do we have the governance in place to tackle Travel Risk Management?

    Travel Risk Policy Advisory (Setup) - Guidance and advice on how to implement a governance framework aligned with ISO31030:2021. Through stakeholder engagement and document review, providing guidance on Travel Risk Management gives your organisation clear governance to enhance or build your existing TRM framework.
  • 3 - How do we build / refine Travel Risk Management best practice?

    Travel Risk Programme (Review) - In-depth engagement with maturity assessment, gap analysis and development of Travel Risk Management programme roadmap. Built on a clear understanding of your organisation’s approach to Travel Risk Management, as well as ISO31030:2021 best practice. This gives you the blueprint to building or enhancing your Travel Risk Management approach.

"We help organisations to develop, grow and protect human capital at work and in life, for now and the future. Our products and services help our clients achieve their own sustainability goals and meet their reporting requirements."

Zain Reedier, Head of International HR Operations


Con la vuelta de las organizaciones a los viajes y la comprensión de cómo hacerlo de forma segura, la nueva ISO 31030:2021 proporciona una orientación vital sobre cómo proteger a su personal. Para evaluar su enfoque del riesgo de los viajes, nuestros expertos en seguridad y salud han creado una evaluación de cinco minutos que proporciona un informe personalizado que podrá enviar directamente a sus Directores.


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